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So, I have been pretty quiet for the last month or so. True, it has been holiday time and I went to Cape Town for a stunning week of sunshine and blue skies, but the second I got back home I spent the remainder of my holiday on my pc viewing tutorials on

Craig Shoemaker, who I got in contact with because of his podcast, sent me a 1 month free subscription to the site and it has been really appreciated. I have done a lot of WPF programming in the past, but not any stuff and so I used the time to get a peek at mvc2 as well as a bunch of other technologies. I just wished I had more spare time to do the rest of the videos.

While I didn’t understand all of what was being shown on the stuff (it required previous expertise), the site was a really good jump start to someone wanting to learn a new technology and broaden the horizons and I would highly recommend it,

My only gripe is that in South Africa we have limited bandwidth and bandwidth speeds and so I spent a lot of my monthly bandwidth on the site and had to top up with my ISP several times because of the high quality video captures that the site did. I would have preferred to download the video’s, but apparently that is only available to people who have the yearly subscription fee.

Other than that, great site and thanks a ton Craig!

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