Mark Pearl

For a while now I have been asking myself what I value. Below is an attempt to outline the things I value most with regards to my work life. I have revised this list as I have received further clarity on what makes me tick.

Personal Development

  • Learn new things at a technical and interpersonal level

Social Relations

  • Organization that places value on family time
  • Organization that promotes family values

Ability Utilization

  • Continual Learning
  • Understanding relevance
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Uplift others
  • Pride in quality work


  • Be able to adjust processes where it makes sense without too much red tape
  • Empower teams to own and solve problems

Social Interaction

  • Team environment
  • Small work groups where you get to know the people (3-8 people)
  • Collaborative environment, we shouldn’t just be called a team because we sit together, we should be solving a common problems collaboratively


  • Enjoy work, feel fulfilled
  • Have fun


  • Change peoples lives for the better
  • Have a worldwide impact

Original Brainstorm

What I look for in an work environment

  • Organization that values learning
  • Lightweight documentation
  • Collaboration
  • Tools to enhance productivity (powerful workstations, collaboration & focus rooms, boards to write on)
  • Value on Work/Life balance
  • Some flexibility in work hours

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