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With TechEd Africa starting in two days time I thought I would briefly blog about two useful extensions I use for VS2010 when presenting. They are

Presentation Zoom by Chris Granger ZoomEditorMargin by Benjamin Gopp The Presentation Zoom extension creates a global zoom level so that if you zoom a single window, all editor instances will be updated to that zoom level. Before I had this extension I had a few circumstances where I was not aware of the resolution restrictions of the projector until 5 minutes before presenting – this would usually result in me having to increase or decrease the zoom level in VS so that the audience could see the code. The problem is though that the native way that VS2010 handles the zoom is per window, so if you open a new window/class it would revert back to the original zoom level – causing you to have to then go to the zoom setting every time you open a new window – a real distractioon.

WpfApplicationTemp - Microsoft Visual Studio_2011-10-15_08-32-11

ZoomEditorMargin is another great plugin. Simply put it places a slider at the bottom right of each code window so instead of typing in the zoom level you can just slide it.

WpfApplicationTemp - Microsoft Visual Studio_2011-10-15_08-32-12

I have found both of these extensions for VS2010 really useful in making my presentations look professional. Hope you find them useful to!

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