Mark Pearl

You get these days when you just wonder what on earth you were thinking – I had one recently. I have been looking for a fanless power supply and after scouring the net eventually came across a local site that was advertising a ReadyNas Fanless PSU.

Without bothering to look at the specs properly I ordered it – it was quite pricey, and then got an email from the supplier saying that they were out of stock in the country and I could either wait for another one to come in or get a full refund. I insisted on waiting, and received emails periodically from the supplier saying they were still waiting for stock to come in and did I want a refund. Each time I insisted on waiting. Eventually the unit arrived, only for me to discover that Readynas was not a brand of PSU but a specialized PSU for a ReadyNas unit and so would be incompatible with the device I wanted to use it one.

What a headache and all along I could have just asked for my money back! Now I am stuck with it.

For anyone looking for the readynas wiring configurations, I have attached them below…

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