Mark Pearl

I recently co-facilitated a community Code Retreat with a friend of mine. For those not familiar with what a Code Retreat is you can learn more about them on the Global Day of Code Retreat site.

This Code Retreat was slightly different in that we used two different katas (gasp), we started with the classic Conways Game of Life kata which we did for 4 sesions followed by a PacMan kata for another 4 sessions.

  • Normal get to know Conways GoL (with a constraint added in the last 15 minutes)
  • Ping Pong TDD
  • Evil coder
  • Everything immutable

  • Normal get to know PacMan
  • No loops / no conditionals (no LINQ)
  • ?

Having two problems in a Code Retreat seemed to work well. There was increased energy from the group when we changed the problem and I feel this helped keep people engaged. For those interested in using the PacMan kata you can find information about it on the Coding Dojo site.

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