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See 2021’s Things to read and watch
See 2019’s Things to read and watch

Things to watch

The Second Act
Brave new world by Aaron Dignan
Above or below the line
Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations by Jez Humble
How Complex Systems Fail
What the Industry Misses About Incidents and What you can do..
The Growth Faculty Community Stockdale Paradox by Jim Collings
Executive Communication
RSA Animate: The Divided Brain
Doing Glue Work
Dynamic Teaming - Tuckman was wrong

Things to read

Tech Leadership

Autonomy vs Leverage
The golden path and scaling teams with agency
Scaling Engineering Teams via Writing Things Down and Sharing - aka RFCs
Team Topologies
Empowered Product Teams
Perspective 1 : Spotify’s Failed #SquadGoals
Perspective 2 : Spotify vs. Fitbit
Your first team
Building a first team mindset
Recruiting & interviewing — Benefits & frustrations nobody tells you about!
Core Needs : Biceps
Thoughts on the principal role
Delving into the other side of engineering leadership, moving into a principal role
How to measure and improve success in your engineering team The future of work is written
How big technical changes happen at Slack
Why you need an engineering ladder, and when to build one


Project thinking vs product thinking
How to Structure Teams for Building Better Software Products - Team Topologies Book Summary
Product Manager - Product Owner, a real world study
The fundamentals of roadmapping
World Product Day 2020 New Zealand - The Feature Factory A three year retrospective - John Cuttler
From sales led to product led and how it changed everything
PM Responsibilities

Job ladders

the Software Engineering Job Ladder

Personal Growth

How to say no
How to achieve career growth: opportunities, skills & sponsors
Brag Documents
Things to know about engineering levels

Coaching / Mentoring

Managing through the WHY, WHAT and HOW
5 Engineering Manager Archetypes by Pat Kua


Refactoring – Not on the backlog! by Ron Jefferies
Devops Technical - Teams empowered to choose tools
But all my errors are severe
Post Commit Reviews
Design Patterns for Humans
Vim Registers
Turn the Senior Around


Two ways to fold an envelope
Stage of the company, not name of company
Effective Product Management

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