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General Problem Solving

Introduction to the Cynefin Framework

General Leadership

Phased Alignment
How to share your company vision as a leader
Staying sane as an executive in hypergrowth
Do I feel worthwhile as a manager?
Driving Cultural Change Through Software Choices
Three crucial skills that leaders must develop to become executives
From directory to vp of engineering - what is expected and how to prepare
Difference between OKR’s and CFR’s
Career development for engineering managers
Effective OKRs - focussing on outcomes and finding flow
Learning OKRs
Impact Players - Brene Brown and Liz Wiseman


Why your company is slowing down and how to fix it
Flow Framework
Rituals for hypergrowth: An inside look at how YouTube scaled
Nobody ever gets credit for fixing problems that never happened - work harder vs work smarter

Business of software

The garderners dilemma
Scaling up sustainably through better processes
Developer Effectiveness
Building realistic roadmaps for tech debt cleanup
Think big, work small
Understanding your teams velocity
When costs are nonlinear, keep it small
Grows Overview
Pushing through friction
Tech debt is not a burden, it’s a strategic lever for success

Product Thinking

Product vs Design vs Tech: A Partnership, not a Battlefield
Scaling Product Delivery
Types of items that we should find in our product backlog
PM & EM: Rules of Engagement
How to Kickstart and Scale a MarketPlace
50 Short Product Lessons by John Cutlefish


Presenting to Executives
Pushing through friction
Three ways to lead effectively when you fire somebody
The Power Business Writing Guide

Vision, Goals & Decisions

Writing engineering strategies and visions
The middle slump: the power of weekly project goals
Manager OKRs, Maker OKRs
Three frameworks for making complex decisions
How to measure and improve success in your engineering team
Engineering Productivity Can Be Measured - Just Not How You’d Expect
Nobody Ever Gets Credit for Fixing Problems that Never Happened

Roles and Career Progress

Parallel Tracks
Career levels and more


No, engineers don’t suck at time estimates
[What is Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) and how is it calculated](What is the Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) and how is it calculated](


Tools for effective delegation in engineering management
Soft Edges
How to be an effective early stage employee. Hint: be helpful


I test in production
Load/performance testing in production
Don’t do performance testing in production environments only
The Mortifying Ordeal of Pairing All Day
Concurrency is not Parallelism by Rob Pike
Being a Tech Lead in an Empowered Product Team
Moving from manager to ic Fast test, slow test by Gary Bernhardt
Change your habits: Modern techniques for modern C# - Bill Wagner


The Drama Triangle
The Drama Triangle and Challenger, Creator, Coach
Managing Up
Radical Candor: My Go To Feedback Routine The body keeps score - EMDR

Decision Making

Conflict transformation tools: gradients of agreement and principled negotiation


How to Get Out of a Meeting You Know Will Waste Your Time


SRE vs. Platform Engineering

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