Mark Pearl

So it has finally arrived from Amazon. Expert F# by Don Syme, Adam Granicz & Antonio Cisternino.

I got a note from the post office yesterday that I needed to collect a package from their offices. After paying a 10% customs fee (that I wasn’t expecting) I had my new Yellow & Black F# Book… it’s so shinny.

Trust my luck though – I have a few university assignments due this week as well as a crazy week of work so it has been sitting on my desk for a day and I haven’t managed to get into it. Eventually I managed to take a few minutes this evening to page through it and it looks really good. I can’t wait!

So my goal this week is to cover Chapter 2 (by the end of the weekend) and put the appropriate posts up. F# is slowly working on me but I am keen to get a deeper understanding of the language which I am hoping this book will help me achieve.

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