Mark Pearl

So I am half way through dev days in Johannesburg. It has been quite an interesting day… Maybe it is me, but this year it hasn’t been as OMG as at previous conferences.

A few things that stood out though…

1) This is the first time I have had to queue in a line to use the gents toilets before – yes, a true sign that we are at a typically male dominated industry event in this country – the men’s toilets were jam packed – the ladies if there were any there didn’t have a problem.

2) Bart De Smet presentation still rocks – I am a fan of Bart’s and once again his presentation was great. Something that I am going to look into in more depth which I think is a new feature in .Net is called Code Contracts. I found a few blog posts about this topic (1, 2, 3). It looks like the syntax has changed a bit from the original POC’s, but I like the idea! (If you are going to try the samples, make sure you have installed the Code Contracts Standard Edition or Premium Edition else it will look like nothing is happening).

3) I have got to get into Silverlight more… I have known this for a long time and have dabbled in it for a while, but Silverlight in my opinion will become the main platform for “hosting” applications.

So… 3 things so far, hopefully I get some OMG’s from the rest of the day…

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