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Config file locations

/etc/tmux.conf              # system wide configuration
~/.tmux.conf                # user configuration

Config Settings

setw -g pane-base-index 1           # sets the starting pane index to 1

# moving between panes with Prefix h,j,k,l
bind h select-pane -L
bind j select-pane -D
bind k select-pane -U
bind l select-pane -R

Default Prefix Key

C-b or control b, we represent this as P going forward

Create sessions

tmux new -s basic  

Detatching and Attatching to Sessions

In Tmux to detatch

tmux ls                                 # lists tmux sessions
tmux attach                             # attaches to the session
tmux attach -t a_session_name           # attaches to the session called a_session_name
tmux kill-session -t _a_session_name    # kills a session called a_session_name

Creating windows in a session

P-?                                   # Tmux Command Help
P-c                                   # Creates a new window
P-n                                   # Moves to the next window
P-,                                   # Allows you to renames a windows

Working with pains

P-%                                 # Horizontal pane split
P-"                                 # Vertical pane split
P-Arrow Key                         # Move focus to pain
P-Space                             # Cycle through different pane arrangements
P-x                                 # Close a pane


tmuxinator open development         # opens the default project configuration for tmuxinator
tmuxinator development              # starts tmux with the development environment
tmuxinator debug development        # displays the script that tmuxinator will use
tmuxinator list                     # Lists all current projects.
tmuxinator copy source destination  # Copies a project configuration.  
tmuxinator implode                  # Deletes all current projects.  
tmuxinator doctor                   # Looks for problems with the tmuxinator and system configuration.
tmuxinator delete [name]            # Deletes the specified project.

default config files for tmuxinator are located at ~/.tmuxinator

Working with clipboard

P-[                                 # enters copy mode
P-]                                 # pastes current buffer context
P-=                                 # lists all paste buffers and pastese selected buffers contents

Copy mode movement keys

ctrl-b                              # move a page up
ctrl-f                              # move a page down


show-buffer                         # Displays current buffer contents
capture-pane                        # Captures the selected panes visible contents to a new buffer
list-buffers                        # Lists all pane buffers
choose-buffer                       # Shows paste buffers and pastes contents of the one you select
save-buffer [filename]              # Saves the buffers contents to a specific file


Basic tmux tutorial
tmux man pages

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