Mark Pearl

I would like to…

  • Help set the strategic vision of an organization, being involved in the wholistic aspets of an org (sales / marketing / development / support) although being focussed at the software engineering aspect
  • Be involved in the “growing people” side of things and creating a space that people can thrive
  • Be involved in creating something… want to have skin in the game (i.e. compete, not advise)
  • Be involved determining who joins an organization (hiring & firing)
  • Be involved in determining the environment that people work in
  • Be involved in setting the values / principles of an organization
  • Be involved in setting the culture of an organization (culture of learning, improving, working hard, working smart)
  • Be involved in determining where money is spent / invested
  • Be involved in leadership & vision setting
  • Be involved in conveying the vision to others
  • Travel occaisonally, 1-2 times a month for 1-2 days
  • Work with people who are candid and direct and can give me clear and immediate feedback
  • Work with people where it is more than a 9 to 5 job, where they truly care about the outcome
  • While money is not the main driver for me I have a problem with being on a fixed salary, have an environment where I’m rewarded for results, can pay the bills, take my family on nice holidays and get financially independent
  • While I don’t have an issue with administration, I would prefer to “outsource” administration to others and oversea
  • Have a job where I can put my best 8 hours
  • Family is important and so having my evenings / time to spend with my family is important -
  • Feel connected to a group where people are working together to create something

Things to do for next time…

  • Figure out cost of delays
  • Figure out the business model behind the systems

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