Mark Pearl


  • Trust is event driven.
  • Sociologists call it social capital.
  • Small, frequent gestures or events enhance trust more than larger gestures made only occaisonally.

Perceived Psychological Contract Violation

“After all, when someone makes you a promise, but then they break it, you learn not to trust them. We need to trust people to feel safe, especially important people in our lives. (Like bosses”

“Start becoming aware of what you tell people, and hear them as the promises that they are. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the words “I promise” — you’re still creating a social contract. Breaking your promise will always harm your relationship.”

How to maintain trust

  • Be consistent, follow through with what you are saying you will do
  • Maintain open access
  • Don’t keep secrets, that means don’t tell people things and then demand they don’t tell the person that you have told them
  • Keep them in the loop, let them know what’s going on etc.
  • Trust them

Different strategies for creating trust

Game theory simulation on trust


The Secret Ingredient that makes teams better than others

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