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General Notes

Refactorings have counterparts called Transformations

Refactorings are simple operations that change the structure of the code without changing its behaviour.
Transformations are simple operatins that change the behavior of the code.

Transformations have a priority or prefered order. TDD has an approach of transforming a solution from “specific” to “generic”. Below are a list of kown transformations.

List of Transformation

{} -> Nil
Nil -> Constant
Constant -> Constant+
Constant -> Scalar
Statement -> Statements
Unconditional -> If
Scalar -> Array
Array -> Container
Statement -> Recursion
If -> While
Expression -> Function
Variable -> Assignment

The priority premise says transformations on the top of the list should be preferred to those that are lower down.

To read up about Uncle Bob’s notes on the concept view here.

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