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Things to do in Auckland…

Walk along the pink path

Visit Cornwall Park

Visit Parry Kauri Park

Take a day trip to Warkworth, and take a walk through the mighty Parry Kauri Park. The highlight of the beautiful native bush are two kauri trees. While you’re there, give an 800-year-old tree a hug. So good for the soul.

Auckland Museum

The Auckland Museum is free (if you take along proof of address that you’re a local) and has plenty of interactive displays. From science, to history, to nature to special exhibitions there’s plenty to keep you interested.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Walk Tamaki Drive

Tie up those laces and walk the length of Tamaki Drive. One of the most popular roads in Auckland, there’s always plenty of action. With Rangitoto as your backdrop, you’ll find beach after beach and, at Mission Bay a fountain to splash in.

Visit Ambury Farm

Mix things up a bit with Ambury Farm’s animals. You’ll find sheep, goats, cows, pigs, rabbits and even peacocks, all with views of Manukau Harbour.

Swim Goat Island

One of Auckland’s treasures is Goat Island. New Zealand’s first marine reserve, you can pop flippers and snorkel on and go for a swim. Here you’ll find snapper—including two sixty-year-old residents—and other marine life to enjoy.

Manukau Heads Lighthouse

Take a drive along the stunning Awhitu Peninsula and climb the 120 stairs of the iconic Manukau Heads Lighthouse. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to spot one of the world’s rarest mammals—the Maui dolphin—as it finds refuge in the ocean.

Otuatua Stonefields

Classed as the number one most significant historical site in New Zealand, Otuatua Stonefields will transport you into another peaceful world—and yet it’s just minutes from from the hustle and bustle of city life. Circa 1300, there are three different walks to choose from. Also a site of contention, there is a barn with information about land rights that is free and worth checking out.

Raglan Beaches

Hike on Rangitoto

Take fullers ferry to Rangitoto

Ninety mile beach

Go to Ninety mile beach


30 of the best free things to do in Auckland

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