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Having read and enjoyed a few ‘self help’ books like A Road Less Travelled and Steve Biddulphs book Manhood - My Mother-in-Law lent me this book to read. Being a man, I guess I am not the ‘targeted’ audience and I found it a fairly long read. That said, it was a useful read that had a few gems in it.

Things that I could related to the most included…

  • Distancing of oneself with ones first family (Why this occurs, why it is not a long term solution, etc.)
  • Understanding Overfunctioning (How society thinks overfunctioning is valuable, how it can be destructive)
  • Triangles (Identifying triangles, how to avoid creating triangles)

In my career I have been involved with working with teams of people. I believe that the behaviors that Harriet was describing in this book transcend gender. I have seen both male and female overfunctioners. Being able to identify them will prove useful.

Ultimately I liked how the book ended. It spoke about change and how hard it is to achieve. That while it may be easy to summarize in a few pages, it can takes years if not decades to achieve.

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