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A Better Test Pyramid

Test Pyramid

Heuristic Test Strategy Model

The Heuristic Test Strategy Model is a set of patterns for designing a test strategy.
The immediate purpose of this model is to remind testers of what to think about when they are creating tests. Ultimately, it is intended to be customized and used to facilitate dialog and direct self-learning among professional testers.

See detailed description of the heuristic test strategy model.

Thinking about Quality

Thinking about context, oracles and the heuristic test strategy model.

Testing the Teddies

Beer Testing

PVT / Production Verification Testing

  • Ensure that the live build is working as intended in its new and final environment
  • All new functionality introduced is exercised

Exploratory Testing

Testing for Non-Testers

Testing for Non-Testers Pathway

Tester Exercises Sites

Weekend Testing
Testing Challenges
Lego Automation

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