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What’s the difference between Architect & a normal Developer?

Software architecture is about the significant design decisions, where significance is measured by cost of change”

I see the difference between a normal developer and a software architect being that a normal developer primarily has a high involvment in maintenance and development of the system at hand. The architect still has a level of involvement in maintenance and development at hand, but also is a key player in providing guidance to a team when they are looking at significant design decisions.

I also see part of the role of the architect to get involved in

  • Championing cross cutting concerns between systems
  • Challenges the development team to help them implement a better design.
  • Championing and identifying and balancing functional requirements a system (scalability, compatability, performance, etc).
  • Championing and identifying suitable technology stacks and frameworks for a system

Mentoriship & Knowledge Share

  • Architect should be providing technical leadership in teams, they should be helping teams identify technical areas of improvment at a regular cadence
  • Provide regular (weekly) 1-on-1 mentorship for one or two experienced developers
  • Reguarly pair/mob with teams to provide hands on mentorship in crafting code, TDD, design, etc

How much architecture should you have?

Just enough architecture


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