Mark Pearl

So it has been a great few days at TechEd South Africa. There were a few things that stood out.

First of all, I couldn’t help but be inspired by Tim Huckaby’s presentations. While they were not technically deep, they gave me a sense of something to strive for. There were a few times during his presentation that I found myself saying in my mind - “Man, we can do that stuff, if only we had the budget”. Well, I guess that isn’t an excuse and so I feel like the bar has been raised from a UI point.

Other presentations that stood out were Bart De Smet – as usual. I heard that his presentation on reactive Rudi extensions was well worth it and it was a pity I missed it. Needless to say his talk on functional programming really hit a strong note with me.

This was also the first time I presented at DevIdols. I got a runners up prize – which means TechEd will be free next year – yay. I was also impressed by both of my other Team Members presentations. Jayd also got a runners up prize, and Brendon did a great presentation – it was just a pity the time was so limited.

One final mention about Rudi Grobelar’s presentation on Silverlight Security. I have seen Rudi present for a few years now and this year I think he really did a great job!

Well – one day left at TechEd!

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