Mark Pearl

So, while I didn’t get to attend PDC2010, I did get to watch it live at the Microsoft Offices in Johannesburg. It had all the usual things I was expecting, Windows Phone 7 Demo’s, Azure Demo’s and Balmer giving a great pounding impersonation.

For me though, the highlight of the whole thing was mention of TFS being made available in the Azure Cloud, with a CTP due early next year.

I have been eyeing TFS for a while now but decided against it because of the poor reviews I heard of it in a remote setup. We run a dev shop where everybody works from home and have been experiencing the joys/pains of subversion for a while now. I have been playing with Git for a short while and and was seriously considering making the transition sometime next year BUT the idea of TFS in the cloud just really appeals to me and may be the most exciting news I heard.

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