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A typical Code Retreat is a day long intensive practice event focussed at core practices that professional software developers use to create software. Typically this covers things like:

  • Pair Programming
  • Test Driven Design
  • Refactoring
  • 4 Rules of Simple Design
  • Core Design Principles around a Programming Paradigm (OO, Functional, etc.)

A Student Code Retreat is based on the normal Code Retreat, but is simplified further to make it easier for students.

Key outcomes would include:

  • Pair Programming
  • Introduction to Test Driven Development
  • 4 Rules of Simple Design

Maximum Number of Attendees

20 (given we have 2 facilitators)

Length of Workshop

Half Day - starting at 8:30 and finishing at 13:00

Facilities Needed

Each attendee will need a computer to program on with their IDE of choice. People will be working in pairs and rotating pairs, so they may not use their computer during the session but should bring it.

We would need a room that allows people to sit next to each other comfortably. We could run it in a computer lab, or if people have laptops I’m sure we could do it at MYOB at Purple 1/2

Ideal Dates

Ideally I would prefer to run this on a Friday morning. If this is not an option, I’m open to doing it on a Saturday, depending on the dates. I would need at least one months notice.

Level of Expertise & Language of Choice of Attendees

I’m happy to run the workshop in C# or JavaScript. Attendees would need to be able to code in JavaScript or C# and be above “basic” level, meaning that they should have written programs before and be comfrotable with the programming language of choice (don’t come to learn a language, rather come to enhance your understanding of coding design practices).

The approach is technology agnostic - meaning we do not go into “Web Frameworks”, or “Mobile Development”, or “Desktop Clients”

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