Mark Pearl

Framing the interview

Hi X, I want to have a check in conversation with you to hear how you are feeling about Serko and your role. In preparation for the session think about what motivates you, What’s working, what are the 1-3 things we could do to help support your personal/career motivations in the next 12 months. How we can better support you.

Hi {Person X}, 

This coming one on one is going to be a little different from our usual ones. Instead of going through our normal 1:1 format we are going to do a "stay checkin". The focus of a stay checkin is how you are feeling about your role and {Company Name}. It's a conversation where I'm going to ask you to trust me and be vulnerable.

In preparation for the session there are two main areas to think about:

1) Job Satisfaction - this covers motivator factors, the things that motivate you in your current role. It's different for everyone but usually things like achievement, recognition, responsibility, the work itself, advancement and personal growth sit in this area.

2) Job Dissatisfaction - this is largely influenced by hygiene factors. Again, different for different people but things like working conditions, coworker relations, policies and rules, manager quality, base wage, salary sit in this area.

I would love to come out of the session understanding what's important for you from a job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction perspective for the next 12 months so that I support you in your personal aspirations and professional growth.


Tips to run an effective stay interview

  • Get personal - Understand their aspirations, what inspires them, what they look for in work, what opportunities they want outside of work
  • Understand why - understand why someone would want to move on.


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