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Today I’m cleaning out old note books. Came across some notes worth sharing….

Coaching for success

Formula: P = p - i

P = Performance
p = potential (learning agility)
i = interferrence (external / internal)

Assuming people have the potential then coahcing tackles the interference aspect.

Internal interference is the “voices” in your head, the self doubt, misconceptions and so on

External mind includes what can I control, what can I influence, let go, misplaced energy

When coaching listen without judgement.

Have a coaching mindset
-> believe they’ve go answers
-> be patient
-> Focus on the person, not the problem

Skills for coaching
-> Listening
-> Asking good questions
-> Mirroring (sharing what you are seeing)

You need boundaries in coaching, boundaries include becomming a parent, becoming a best friend, becoming a counsellor.

Direct instruction

If you want people to learn be more explcit

Try scaffolding: Review > Roadmap > Introduce new info > Guided practice > Independent practice > Assess > Review

Metacognition: Avoid focussing just on visual, audtiory or kinesthetic. Use all of them.

When to have performance conversations

Performance conversation graph

Whenever someone says something there is the text… and then there is the subtext people read in to it.


Sincere or opinion that is not wrong, but just incomplete.

  • How would they describe you
  • How would you describe them
  • Can you have a file conversation
  • Can you forgive them

Files others have on you…

  • Can I have a file ocnversation
  • what could I do to challenge that file
  • surprise 3 times


  • Preconceived: Downtime is waste
  • Posing: Pretending what you know
  • Pausing in your thought leads to better thoughts
  • Walking 1:1’s

Individual Contributor vs Manager

  • Management is not a promotion, it’s a career change
  • Reward cycle vs feedback loops
  • In management often the feedback loop is longer

General notes

In leadership we are desperate for people that are genuine & authentic.

An alternate word to mentoring is guidance

You need to be deeply curious about what others have to say/think

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