Mark Pearl

The following method has proven to be effective when undertaking a change initiative. It includes these steps in sequence:

  1. Goal Definition: Clearly describe what we aim to achieve. Define the desired future state.

  2. Team and Role Descriptions: Specify who is in the team and their respective roles. Among these roles, identify who will be the spokesperson and the executive sponsor.

  3. Scope Determination: Define what is within the project’s focus (In Scope) and what is not (Out of Scope).

  4. Success Metrics: Establish the criteria or indicators that will be used to measure the project’s success.

  5. High Level GAP Analysis: Evaluate the current state, identifying what needs changing or improving to reach the future state we want.

  6. Activities we need to do: What are the activities we need to do.

  7. Project Timelines: Estimate how long each part of the project will take, and establish a timeline for when specific deliverables should be completed.

  8. Task Assignment: Outline who is responsible for each task and aspect of the project.

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