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I recently acquired a Samsung Omni 7 with the Windows Phone 7 OS installed. With this device I have a new found desire to learn Windows Phone 7 programming and embarked on the endeavour by reading “Programming Windows Phone 7” by Charles Petzold (ISBN 978-0-7356-4335-2).

I really enjoyed going through the book. While the one I was reading had a few spelling mistakes in it (not that I am one to point any fingers) I am sure they had been rectified before it went to print (I was reading the free ebook).

In fact for anyone wanting basic exposure to Silverlight, this book covers some fairly general Silverlight principles and explains them well. I must admit, near the end of the book I started browsing through the XNA section, but I will probably go through these sections again at a later stage when they become more applicable to me. Overall I highly recommend this book and the price is extremely attractive.

Windows Phone 7

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