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Great book!

I have been learning Vim for just over a year now. It’s hard - hellishly hard - especially for my Windows based brain. Yet as much as it is hard, it is addictive to learn. In the last year I have read numerous blog posts, watched countless tutorial videos, played a number of online Vim games and bought and attempted to read a few books. Practical Vim is by far the best resource I have found in learning Vim so far.

The book starts off with the basics and works systematically across the broad range of functions that vanilla Vim provides - and does this in a simple and easy to understand way. While it hit the spot for me, a relatively new vimmer, I suspect that there is enough meat there for someone who has been using Vim for a while.

For me, what made Practical Vim so great was that it wasn’t just there to teach me keyboard shortcuts, but really helped me get into the mindset of how an experienced Vim user thinks. Now that I have read the book cover to cover, I’m going to be reading it again and probably again after that. I would definitely recommend buying the book and giving it a good read - this is one you need for your bookshelf if you are serious about learning Vim.

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