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Enable running PowerShell Scripts

  • Start Windows PowerShell with “Run as Administrator”
  • Execute the code below to allow for scripts to run
set-executionpolicy remotesigned

Run PowerShell Script from Command Line

powershell ./'PowerShell File.ps1'

Making absolute path referencing

$solutionRoot = Split-Path $script:MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path

Basic Files Commands

Creating a Folder and Child Folders
New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path C:\Path\That\May\Or\May\Not\Exist
Delete a Folder with all Children
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force C:\Path\
Delete a Folder with all Children if it does not exist

If (Test-Path $FolderName){
	Remove-Item  -Recurse -Force $FolderName
Copy Files from one location to another
Copy-Item -Path C:\MyFolder -Destination \\Server\MyFolder -recurse -Force
iex "regsvr32 /s file.dll"
Commenting out a line of code
# This is a comment in Powershell

Open PowerShell CLI on remote machine

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName {MachineNameHere} -Credential {CredentialsHere}

Unit Testing in Powershell

Look at Pester as a possible Powershell Unit Testing Framework


Questions about Powershell Basics that you were too shy to ask
Testing in Powershell

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