Mark Pearl

For a few years now I have been looking for effective ways to be involved in the “community”. While there are a few community programming events in my area (Johannesberg), there isn’t too much face to face stuff – which has caused me to turn to the internet.

My internet attempts have been varied – at first I took the passive approach of listening to tech podcasts. This was great for a while, but soon the content became semi-repetitive and a little boring. It seemed that the podcasts I was listening to all went round the same themes and speakers and while I am still a keen listener to several tech podcasts – it didn’t quench my thirst.

So I began to be a bit more active – starting with stack overflow – where I would scan the site for questions that were in the realm of my ability to answer. It worked for a while but soon it began to be discouraging – there seems to be so many people that know so much more than me and are quicker at typing that I felt fairly ineffective. So while I still use Stack Overflow when I am in a pickle and need some help – it feels more like me taking from the community than giving anything.

Which brought me to Geeks with blogs. Till I found GWB I hadn’t felt like I was an active part of a community. I had blogged before on Blogspot and Wordpress but hadn’t felt associated to the community. Now when I get a comment from someone on one of my GWB posts either thanking me or adding a bit more or correcting me, it makes me feel like I am contributing to a community.

So well done GWB. Thanks for making a spot that makes me feel at home!

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