Mark Pearl

I’m working on improving my meeting rhythm. I’ve booked out time slots in my calendar for specific role groups.

This time is for anyone that would like to meet with me outside of our regular meeting cadence.

When to use this slot:

  • When you are unable to make our normal 1:1 and have fairly urgent things (not critical) you need to discuss
  • When you would like to connect
  • When you want to discuss a topic in a 1:1 setting like professional development or career growth of yourself or someone else
  • When something is worrying or bugging you but it isn’t critical, it’s just in the back of your mind

What to do if you want to use the slot

  • Gauge if what you need to cover can be tackled async or in person
  • Check my calendar to make sure nobody else has booked that time for the day
  • Send a meeting invite with a summary of what you would like to cover

What not to do:

  • Don’t book recurring meetings in this slot, that means others can’t make use of the time in the future
  • Don’t delay critically urgent conversations to fit the cadence of this slot - if it is critical I’m happy to meet at any time - critical are things like people’s urgent mental health, employment status (ie. I’m about to quit), etc. - you know, the things that we need to talk about right now.
  • Don’t unnecessarily skip the management line - what I mean by this is you have a manager who should already be covering some of these conversations with you. If that person is not me, try speaking to them first before reaching out to me BUT I’m happy to meet with you if you have tried and haven’t had any luck or don’t feel comfortable covering the topic with them.

I’ll still be:

  • Keeping regular 1:1’s
  • Keeping regular skip level meetings

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