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Sweedish Police

  • rare government project when things acutally succeeded, 60 people involved in development
  • big projects tend to fail
  • project started in 2009

Useful tricks for handling big projects

  • Incremental development
  • Alistair Cockern Elephant Carpacio
  • Having an onsite customer, sometimes hard to get - in big projects we tend to build the wrong things if we don’t have contact with customers
  • Interaction with customer was informal and spread out in the beginning, as they got closer to finish the customers with them all the time

Team structure Migrated from functional teams to a semi agile structure, 3 feature teams with a requirements analyst

Some people were not in the team but ran across teams

  • Some people looked at the big picture
  • Some people looked at high level performance testing

Daily meetings

  • 3 layers of daily meetings
  • Each feature team had a daily meeting
  • After that, each specialty had a meeting with people in their specialty
  • After that, 1 person from each specialty and each feature team met to talk about the big picture

Project board

  • Things that come in are high level epic ideas
  • Once things had been broken down into smaller stories, the top ten stories would be selected
  • The top ten things are pulled into development
  • Once a month customers would check things and then they would be pushed into production

No matter what design you have in the beginning, it is going to be wrong but let it evolve.

No sprints, but had a rhythm. Retrospectives were every second week Planning was every second week - trying to figure out what the next stuff we were going to focus on

When you want a board like this you want flow. You want a few cards moving quickly, instead of a whole bunch of things moving slowly. 100% resource utilisation means things move slowly - 100% resource utilitzation means no flow at all. In Kanban the common way to limit 100% resource utilization was to have WIP limits

Visualize impediments Pink stickies represent things are blocked Impediments are represented on the board, these were limited to the top items Used envelopes, put all the cards they were going to have in a release they woudl put it in an envelope

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