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Pull work, Limit Work in Progress

Limiting Work in Progress

Usual Response when limiting WIP

Motivations for Implimenting Kanban

  • Deferred commitment is desirable - because early commitment is causing excessive re-work and wasted effort
  • There is unnevenness in the flow of work - and we want smooth, even flow
  • The workflow system (and its workers) are overburdened - and we wish to relieve this

Kanban Games

The Envelope Game

Product Owner in Kanban

Do we need a product owner with Kanban

Recipe for working with teams that are struggling

  • Focus on Quality
  • Reduce Work in Progress
  • Deliver Often
  • Balance Demand against Throughput
  • Prioritize
  • Attack Sources of Variabilty to Improve Predictability

Additional Resources

Kanban and Agile
When Kanban is appropriate

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