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The Jedi Academy is a supporting structure to provide increase graduates knowledge in being a professional software developer. Jedi academy will meet every two weeks to focus on a a fundamental area of development.

General topics to cover…

Initial fortnigtly topics include:

  • Crafting Code - can they create a simple application without any assistance
  • TDD - Unit Testing & Acceptance Testing
  • Refactoring - Identifying smelly code, improving design, staying green
  • Design principles - SOLID, Package Principles
  • Object Oriented Design Patterns - Identify common patterns, apply patterns, aware of costs and benefits of patterns
  • Pair & Mob Programming - Driver/Navigator, Working in a Mob
  • Continous Delivery - Build Scripts, Build Servers, Feature Toggles
  • Version Control - Getting Git from the console
  • Agile Software Process (Scrum) - Iterations, Feedback Loops, Stand-ups, Retrospectives
  • Agile Software Process (Kanban) - WIP Limits, Continous Delivery
  • Estimating - Commit to task and timeframe, techniques for estimation
  • Customer Collaboration - Working with customers, understanding our users
  • Polyglot - Familiarity with variety of language constructs, OO vs. Functional, Static vs Dynamic
  • Communication Skills - Engaging live presentation, clear writing
  • Community Involvement - Blogs, User Groups, Conferences
  • Collective Ownership - Cleaning the code, follow conventions

Each session is facilitated by different experts in the organization. Sessions can be up to 4 hours, with pre and post session work.

Things to read…

  • The Pragmatic Programmer
  • Clean Code by Robert Martin
  • Software Craftmanship by Pete McBreen
  • Refactoring by Martin Fowler
  • eXtreme programming explained by Kent Beck
  • Refactoring Legacy Code by Michael Feathers

Things to watch…

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