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Introverts have deeper relationships with fewer individuals, extraverts have many relationships with shallower connections Introverts are energized by being on their own, extraverts are energized by being with others

Tips for Travelling

Smile when you see them for the first time

Travelling in a plane If you have gum, offer them a stick of gum If they talk to you and you have work to do engage with them in conversation for a few minutes

If you don’t want to talk to them the whole flight way to end it

Have a positive expression and tone

  • Well, it’s been great talking to you, I’ve promised myself I need to get some work done
  • Well, it’s been great talking to you

When the plane re-lands say goodbye

It takes more effort to undo a bad first impression than to make a good first impression

Be aware of the Halo effect

At the conference

  • As you walk into the conference for the first time shift your thinking on how you can make a positive impression on people around you
  • Don’t attend every event at a conference – you need downtime to re-charge

How to turn down invitations when you don’t want to go

  • Less is more
  • I’m going to go to bed early tonight
  • Be able to have a 30 second elevator pitch on what you do for work
  • Elevator pitches should be short
  • What you want to do is interest the people in what you do
  • Smile when you tell people your elevator pitch

System for creating a quality elevator pitch

  • Answer the following questions –
  • What do you do?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What sets you apart?
  • What inspires you about your work?
  • Put the top components together in a statement of up to ten sentences.

Bring your A game

  • Use “As if” to set yourself in the mindset that the person you are talking to is the “right” person to talk to

Remembering Peoples Names

  • Know what type of preference you have for remembering things – Auditory, Visual, Kinaesthetic


  • Use the name three times in initial conversation.
  • Ask how to spell it, then repeat if for confirmation
  • Clarify the pronunciation
  • Connect the name to his or her voice
  • Recall a song with the name, if possible
  • Say the name lyrically in your head


  • Envision the name written out
  • Make a visual image of the name
  • Look at the name tag
  • Link the name to what the person is wearing
  • Connect the name to the face
  • Picture a person you know with the same name


  • Imagine the person engaged in an alliterated activity (Rick raking, Cathy cooking, etc).
  • Notice the person’s physical stance.
  • Notice the person’s mood and demeanour
  • Write down the name soon after talking
  • If seated in a group, draw a chart with the names
  • Draw the letters with your finger through the air… after moving away!

Networking for Introverts

  • Coordinated networking is useful for people that are introverts

Coordinate Networking Activity Ideas

  • Place cards that describe people, place them on each table at each seating place – have people find place cards that best describe them
  • Name tag art – get people to draw some type of symbol that describes who they are
  • Musical greetings – play music, when the music stops, people stops walking and speak to the person next to them and discuss a topic called out, rinse repeat

Use name tags so that people can remember their name

Following up with people

Following up via email is preferable to following up via phone. Make yourself concise and make yourself useful in the follow up Follow up within 48 hours, don’t follow up on Monday’s though The best day to ask for favour is Friday Always thank people when they have done something

Success Skills for Introverts

6 key strengths that introverts have

  • Taking quiet time
  • Preparation
  • Engaged listening
  • Focussed Conversations
  • Writing
  • Thoughtful use of social media

Attributes of an introvert?

  • Low key emotional expression
  • Private at first, but tend to warm up to people
  • Humble
  • Calm in the midst of crisis
  • Small groups or one-on-one
  • Focus on depth vs breadth

Challenges that Introverts face in the workplace

1) People Exhaustion 2) Fast Decisions 3) Teams 4) Sell yourself 5) Put on a happy face

Speaking to people

Preparing for meeting people at a conference - Offers & Needs

What do you have to offer What do you need / want to learn O&N is a useful tool to help lubricate conversations. Get a mix between personal and work related needs When speaking to people, think WIIFT

What’s in it for them?

Quiet Time

Communal Solitude - We get some of the best work done in the company of others – even if we are no interacting with them Don’t overbook your schedule – keep gaps in between to re-charge


Gives you confidence that you know your stuff Prepare before you meet people on what you can offer them and what you need from them.

Preparing for a meeting

Preparing an agenda is a way to help people be prepared at a meeting Preparing for a meeting helps allow someone to engage in a meeting Use the first five minute rule – get your voice in a meeting within the first five minutes of a meeting starting Figure out where you are going to sit – sit strategically.

Preparing for presentations

Do your preparation aloud - say your words out loud. “Rehearsal is the art of experimentation”


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