Mark Pearl

I have been a member of GWB for a while now, and have really enjoyed it. There is a sense of community and I enjoy some of the feedback and comments I get from other posters as well as reading other community members blogs. Part of the reason of joining GWB was seeing what other people with similar interests were blogging about and interacting with them.

What does worry me is lately I have noticed an increase in spam by some of the other bloggers… By spam, I don’t mean reviews of products as blog posts – I think those are legitimate and there is a place for it and you can tell the bloggers have put some effort into creating an opinion and researching the topic.

But what is irking me lately is the blatant spam I am seeing on a day to day basis, where someone posts a title and a link to a site… and that’s it… no real post or content or effort, something that if I saw in my inbox I would click the “Spam” button and hope to never see again.

I wonder what posses people to do this? Are they getting some sort of commercial kickback for these posts. Is this a misuse of the portal or their membership? Are they cashing in on our google points and posts? I dunno, any one got any thoughts on this?

Needless to say I find these posts add no value to me, and become noise that is hiding the posts that I appreciate and enjoy.

Would be interested to see if I am totally oversensitive to this, or if anyone else in the portal also has the same frustration?

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