Mark Pearl

Questions to consider when deciding if someone should stay…

  1. Are you losing other great people in the business because this one person is around?

  2. Is there a values problem, a will problem or a skills problem with this person?

  3. What’s the personal relationship to the window and the mirror? (When something is going really well the person goes to the window looks about and points out others who have helped the good come into being and when things go badly the person goes to the mirror and takes a long hard look about personal responsibility for the bad that is happening - the reverse also happens - when things are going well does this person go to the mirror and give self-love and when things go badly they go to the window and find others to blame) enough said.

  4. Does the person see their work as a job or a responsibility?

  5. Has your confidence in this person gone up or down in the last year?

  6. Do you have a bus problem or a seat problem with this person? (Wrong business, or wrong role in the business)

  7. If the person walked in tomorrow and resigned would you be relieved or would you be distraught?

Something else you need to consider as you think through these questions is whether the person you are topgrading or considering is a key seat employee or not.

Ask yourself these three questions to determine KEY SEAT STATUS or not:

  1. Is this person a hirer or not? (does this person hire other people)

  2. Are they a breakthrough contributor?

3.Is this person whose position is a potential point of significant downside risk if it goes wrong.

Remember in medium-sized organisations a key seat person has larger than normal amplification powers of both good and bad realities. Facing the brutal facts around this is very very important.

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