Mark Pearl

Workshop Preparation

  1. Come prepared to workshop a tough conversation (for whatever reason) or piece of feedback that you need to deliver in the future. It may be something you are avoiding or needs to be tackled again, in a more productive way. It may be something that could be difficult to receive for another. Either way, it is ESSENTIAL to bring this prior to the workshop.
  2. Think about a time someone you respect at work, and their characteristics.
  3. Think about someone you don’t respect at work, and their characteristics.

Six Steps to Navigating Difficult Conversations

Marcus Blakenship has the following 6 steps…

  1. Notice the signals that say, Time for a difficult conversation!
  2. Don’t fume. Commit to take constructive action.
  3. Make a plan.
  4. Have the meeting in private soon.
  5. Be steady and on point.
  6. Shut up. Listen. Then listen some more.

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