Mark Pearl

This week we had a group of 22 people attend our first soft skills mentoring workshop. One of the items we went through on the day was identifying different mentoring “hats” that people wear.

Colin, who facilitated the workshop spoke of 7 types of mentoring hats he’s aware of, they were:

“THE THERAPIST” - Someone who understands . Who listens. Who doesn’t judge.
“THE MAVEN” - Someone who helps me to understand. Gives me context. Provides me insight. Someone in the know.
“THE CHEER LEADER” - Someone who believes in me and helps build my confidence.
“THE CONNECTOR” - Someone who connects me to others. Makes introductions. Builds networks.
“THE LOBBYIST” - Someone who sponsors me. Recommends me for opportunities.
“THE PERSONAL TRAINER” - Someone who challenges me. Is prepared to ask me the hard questions and expects me to take action.
“THE YODA” - Someone who gives me sound advice. Provides wisdom. Tells stories.

This made me think what hats I use when mentoring. If I were to call out the ones that represent me best they would be the thereapist, connector, lobbyist.

The one I need to work on the most is the personal trainer.

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