Mark Pearl

People are depend on you–for direction, for validation, for encouragement.

Care about your team

  • Great people in the morning, ask how they are doing and care about their answers.

When getting started

  1. Consistently hold meaningful one-on-one meetings
  2. Make it safe for them to give you honest feedback
  3. Offer them feedback and correction so they can improve

Let people be seen and heard

Help people feel engaged

  • Keep things simple, focus on one thing at a time
  • Keep people engaged

We are making engagement way to complicated

People have a need to belong

Culture is the backbone of innovation - (Sarah Prevette) - It’s not enough to want an innovation culture. You need to be dedicated to hearing honest feedback and championing ideas that your staff have.

Leadership styles

  • Coercive leaders demand immediate compliance
  • Affiliative leaders create imotional bonds and harmony
  • Democratic leaders build consensus through participation
  • Coaching leaders develop people for the future
  • Authoritative leaders mobilize people toward a vision

Leadership that gets results

Perceived attributes from a team looking for a Dev Lead

  • They should have Strong People skills.
  • They should be able to build strong relationship with other team – Unblock teams. (This is most important impedance which we face)
  • Believe in team’s ability and give them freedom – No micromanagement
  • They should invest in building team culture - Team Branding and profiling.
  • They should be able to highlight our team’s strength and bring visibility
  • Understand and support individual’s career goals (Career guidance)
  • Bring openness, they should be approachable, inclusive, collaborative and should have a good sense of humour
  • They should have worked in Agile environment and should have some delivery experience under their belt
  • Having tech skills is good to have
  • Should have at least basic understanding of the technologies
  • Should contribute to the team by bringing fresh perspective and skills to the team #

    Potential interview questions for a Dev Lead

  • Give them a case scenario where the team is stressed and ask them how will they respond to it.
  • What have been their previous experience in:
    • Conlict resolution
    • Building Team culture
  • What have been their failures and what are their learnings from them.
  • We want to add someone less experienced as an interviewer. We want to see how they respond to their question. This will reflect whether they respect idea/questions irrespective of who is raising them.

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