Mark Pearl

You don’t empower people to please them, you empower them to make better decisions than you.

We played the game, some notes on what we could do better:

  • We saw value in the game
  • We needed to be more specific on the decisions being determined, we were too generic, we felt that it would be better to take real world secenarios
  • We had some confusion around what each card meant. It would help to have the decisions better explained.

  • Sometimes the situations were out of the control of all people in there, there was no way to easily indicate this using the cards.
  • Start off with specific scenario’s, the general principles come from the conversation around the specific question.
  • It takes a long time to have the conversations, expet to cover one or two scenarios at most in a 1 hour session

Notes on delegation poker game
Video on the roles
Empowering People with Delegation Poker

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