Mark Pearl

I’ve been a loyal PragPub reader for years - I have over 18 physical cover books and many ebooks to prove it.

I bought Customer Requirements in the hope of getting a deeper understanding of Customer Requirements. I have come to expect a certain quality from PragPub.

I was very disappointed. I found the content of Customer Requirements to be lacking in meaningful insights. There isn’t anything new in this book - and the old stuff it advises is put really badly - it was down right depressing.

To make matters worse, a couple pages into the book I discover that there is a premium version of the book - and pragpub does not sell the premium version - if I want to get the content of the premium version I need to apply for a discount on the content - oh, and all the examples for several of the chapters are only available in the premium version.

There is even a section in the book saying what if you hate this book - it advises that if you truly hate it you should make use of your 30-day money back guarantee. That was about the only thing that made me feel good… for a few brief moments.

I logged in to my PragPub account to claim my 30 day money back guarantee only to discover that PragPub does not offer a money back guarantee on ebooks.

Disappointed all round. I would recommend if you are looking a decent book on User Requirements you go for something like User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton.

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