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Sunk cost effect - every six months they would evaluate project, say it wasn’t doing so well… but kept it going because they had already invested money in it Had been on a project that took 3 years and had cost the company 10 million dollars

Proect Retrospects - Norm Kerth Norm was a patterns guy, and a fan of learning and documenting thing

Is a project retrospective a post-mortem? Post mortems are only done after something dies.

The problem with post-mortems are that they are too late, it doesn’t benefit the person who has died.

The purpose of the retrospective is on learning, not causing blame Learn from the experience without worrying about who’s fault it was

How impossible the prime directive is.. google linda rising prime directive on infoq

In religion we have an affirmation of faith, sometimes we think we are not 100% sure we believe it. Agile is a faith in many ways…

Tuning an instrument is done often and often small adjustments. Retrospectives are about tuning as well

If we don’t do any science, it atleast behooves us to look at those that are, and then see what parallels we can bring back to us

See Rebecca Saxe on

Theory of mind, thinking about what others are thinking

Not just looking at the positive things… You have to balance the positive with the negative There is a lot of evidence from cognitive neural science that says the way we run our businesses and conferences is not good

Sitting is the worst position for anything. We sit too much

Research says we need to move

Most of us think that if we don’t sleep we will have so much time. If you don’t sleep enough we don’t learn Some companies have nap rooms

We put time pressures on retrospectives… come on, think, come up with something now

FlowCon - conference on continous stuff

What about continous retrospectives…

Build a timeline in realtime

Add ideas / experiments / what’s working / etc.

The only way to get around confirmation bias is to put yourself around people that don’t agree with you

How continous restrospectives work

Uncionscious mind is involved 24/7
Taking a break, sleeping on it
Listening to diverse others

Zigarnik Effect (Spelling) - once you have written something down, you can move on

We need to do them all

  • Project retrospectives
  • Iteration - tactical
  • Continous - experiments


Thinking fast and slow - book Concrete Action Plan - book More fearless change - book Fearless Journey Game - buy the cards online

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