Mark Pearl

Dialogue for handling conversations around confidential informaiton

Inquisitor: Hey, I saw XYZ a lot in your calendar, what is XYZ?

Response: Thanks for asking, where did you see that?

Response: XYZ is a program of work being scoped. I can’t talk about it right now, and there really isn’t much to say at all.

Inquisitor: Com on, tell me, I won’t tell anyone else!

Response: Yeah, I know you value confidentiality, so do I and I am just able to talk about it right now. Thank you for respecting that.

Response: Can you do me a favour?

Response: For some people they may get anxious when they hear speculation and make up things that are not true. I want ot make sure we are not putting others in a state of anxiety so will try to avoid speculation.

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