Mark Pearl

Episode 1

Watched the first episode of Clean Code in the Browser


  • Divide between front end and back end developers
  • For the web to succeed, browsers had to be error tolerant… this led to most sites not being html “compliant” and the browser figuring out how to elegantly recover.
  • Dirty code in the browser has about the same effect as dirty code in the server… because these two groups rarely met, there was not a sharing of knowledge on how to conquer “front end” mess
  • When you had fat servers, the browser was very simple and just presented what it was given. Servers managed state, sessions, etc.
  • Now that browsers are more advanced… they are smarter in what they present and what they can do. They do not just have to rely on what they are given by the server.
  • DRY, one place for knowledge to be stored… in the web this is hard as you have duplicate knowledge on the front and back end (models, routing, etc.)
  • AJAX was the starting point for the web to become smart… but ajax doesn’t lead to the cleanest code unless you really work at it

All in all, I enjoyed the session. Would recommend it

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