Mark Pearl

Covid forced most teams to go remote.

What’s the impact / challenges of going from co-located to remote

  • Re-creating trust and transparency that comes from co-located work
  • Using confluence as a way to get information prior to a meeting, then focussing the meeting on covering the content
  • Planning regular sessions to connect in person

Mindsets/approaches to be more productive at meetings

  • Take ten minutes to read the memo before getting into the meat of the meeting
  • Instead of using the meeting for status updates, have everyone write down the status in a document together at the begining of the meeting and then review and discuss as a group
  • Less status meetings and more work session
  • Focus on metrics to communicate if things are on target
  • Live dashboard become useful to communicate to a wider group the status of things

How can we make sure people have a voice at the table?

  • Using virtual hands so that people don’t dominate a conversation
  • Use anon Q&A to allow people to speak up that wouldn’t normally speak up - but use a moderator approach to make sure questions are for the right forum.

Working across timezones

  • Being conscious of the timezones that people are in - these are the peoples working hours
  • Being inclusive of people in timezones out of your area is hard
  • Record meetings so people can watch it async
  • Sometimes just have the meeting twice or X times for each timezone
  • Sometimes for really important meetings people will need to start/work late to attend - make sure that is balanced
  • Rethink teams to make sure teams are in the same timezone so that their normal collaboration works well

What tools have you found that improve remote work

  • Donut - randomly places you with people to schedule meetings that you haven’t met with
  • Retros being recorded in slack so you have notes to refer back to
  • Having video on while in a meeting so people can feel involved and included


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