Mark Pearl

As things near their due date you would expect them to move into Adaptive or Conversationl. Work in Chaos or Emergent are typically further off.

Backlog Maturity Model


  • High uncertainty of requirements, low team understanding.
  • Possibly epics only, some features perhaps.
  • High degree of change is prevalent.


  • High BA understanding and some team involvement.
  • Requirements are still emerging and uncertain.
  • Features are mostly known and prioritised, high level sizing is done.
  • A rough guideline to the approach to be taken for MMP/MVP and a proposed Road Map


  • Team has a good understanding of business value, requirements and have the ability to decompose features into stories.
  • Most stories are present and are sized.
  • There may be some uncertainty in some stories and those questions are answered adequately.
  • Story grooming is regular, dependencies are known.


  • High team understanding and high certainty of requirements and acceptance criteria.
  • Stories are discussed conversationally, story grooming is on ad hoc basis, backlog is “self-healing”.
  • Definition of DONE is in align with PO expectations.


Original Idea by Terry Chase

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