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Benefits of async comms

  • Use people from all over the world
  • Reduced interruptions means more focus ond productivity
  • Allows people to think out responses properly

Key tips when sending async comms

  • Have a concrete need. What do you want to get out of the task. Make that clear.
  • Start with a headline, then provide more detail following
  • Always provide enough information - think of all possible questions people might have and provide detailed information following headline.
  • Set a deadline by when you need a response - let everyone know when you need a response by

Key tips for working with async comms

  • Control your notifications - turn off immediate response notifications
  • Let people discover your response rate - people need to know when you are offline and when they can expect a response from you
  • Give people a way to get hold of you in emergencies - always allow how they can notify you if something is urgent and requires an immediate response

Example of communication

Complete Employee Spot Check by Friday 13th June

Hi folks, please can you complete the employee spot check survery by this Friday.
This is an important survey for us to get a handle on where your teams are at.
It takes 15 minutes to be done. 
We will be looking at the result to gauge where we need to focus next

Q) Who should do the survey?
A) Everyone in product delivery teams

Q) Is the survey anon?
A) No, senior leadership can see respondents details


The Complete Guide to Asynchronous Communication in Remote Teams

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