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General Introduction

AWS is a set of IT Infrastrucutre Services.

Origianlly considered as IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) although it is now also offering PaaS (Platform as a service).o

Problems AWS Solves

  • Hosting of web applications
  • Running legacy applications
  • Massive high performance computing batch jobs
  • Digital asset management

Key Concepts

  • Global Regions : Geographically differentiated regions
  • Availability Zones : At each region there are several availability zones per global region
  • Web Service Access Strategies (Rest / Soap / Query)
  • Machine hours : Amount of time you are consuming a service
  • Eventual Consistency : Because of distributed nature, things might not be immediately consistent
  • Access Credentials : Account ID / Access Key ID / Secret Access Key / Certificates / Key Pairs

AWS Product Categories

  • Compute Services : on demand virtual machines
  • Storage Services : store large blocks of unstructured content
  • Database Services : strore tabular data
  • Networking Services : tech for identifying DNS resources
  • Messaging Services : enable rich communication scenarios between systems
  • Content Delivery Services : provide edge locations for frequently accessed content
  • Deployment & Management Services : enable packaging, securing & monitoring AWS applications

Tools for AWS Developers

  • Management console provides a one-stop UI for provisioning and interacting with AWS services
  • AMI’s come pre-loaded with application environments

Managing AWS Solutions

User is responsbile for provisioning, securing & montiring their solutions.

IAM in Securing AWS

AWS IAM is AWS Identity and Access Management service for securley controlling access to other AWS services.

  • A IAM user can be a physical user or a system.
  • Free to use, you pay for the services that use IAM
  • IAM groups don’t have credentials, and can’t contain other groups.

Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk makes AWS look like a PaaS offering. It automatically handles deployment and optimization of Java Web Applications.

Cloud Formation

  • Cloud Formation is a service that automates the work of creating related AWS resources.
  • Free service

Services Overview

Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk is used for deploying and monitoring applications.

EB is free to use.

EB is not a fully fledged monitoring suite, but it can monitor:

  • CPU
  • Number of requests
  • Network Traffic

Dynamo DB


Pricing depends on region, throughput capacity & amount of data stored

  • Unlimited, Elastic Storage
  • Core concept is a table
  • Provisioned Throughput Capacity is whare charges are most frequently charged


  • Data Warehouse Solution

Virtual Private Cloud

VPC Pricing is free to use

  • Commonly used when launching EC2 instances
  • VPC’s secure group of instances
  • Use subnets to control security


Each cloud watch pricing has a different price depending on what you are monitoring

  • Monitoring service for other AWS services
  • You can set up an alarm for multiple services


There is a free tier to look at.

  • CloudFront is a CDN


AWS Developer Fundamentals

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