Mark Pearl

** This post is inspired by PragPubs book on writing **

If you wait to learn when the mood hits and all the “real work” is done for the day, you will never get any learning done. Instead of trying to fit learning in the cracks, you need to plan out the specific time and place where you’ll be learning.

I learn first thing in the morning, before the craziness starts. For me this works because by the end of the day I’m exhausted. One of the traits that I’ve found determines if someone is/becomes an active learner is if they have a routine that supports learning.

Adhoc learning produces adhoc results!

Learning is difficult. Part of the trick of learning is to be able to focus on the learning itself, and not get distracted. So choose your learning environment carefully, and defend it when necessary. You need a good learning environment that works for you. I have found a quite room works for me, that’s why if you come in early at the office you will find me hidden away in a small sound proof room.

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