Mark Pearl

I think the first time I came across the concept of a software craftsman was when I read the Pragmatic Programmer. Up till then I was all about the technology, and facing all the pains of tightly coupled non-cohesive code. That book was a life changer for me and the start of a journey.

In reading the Pragmatic Programmer I heard of the concept of a journey man. At the same time I had started listening to podcasts, in particular DotNet Rocks. I happened to hear an interview done with Corey Haines where he spoke about his experiences travelling the world learning how to code better. Luck had it that soon after that Corey visited South Africa and we managed to meet. In meeting him, he introduced me to the concept of Code Retreats. I learnt more about crafting software at my first Code Retreat than I had learned in the last 10 years of being framework chasing developer.

So what is a Software Craftsman? I believe it is someone who doesn’t just care whether the problem they were given is solved, but also how it is solved and how that will impact things in the future. A craftsman has a level of pragmatism in the decisions they make and in how they do their work. A craftsman understands how to use his/her tools properly. A craftsman realizes they can learn from anyone.

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