Mark Pearl

I was at Teched two years ago when one of the Microsoft leads said there were three new area’s that we needed to pay attention to for development, namely:


At the time I was just getting back into development work and had a look at WPF and immediately was sold on the approach. While I haven’t been to involved with WCF directly, I know that some of the guys in my dev team have been and that it too was a success. So what happened to WF? It seemed clunky, and all the demo’s that I saw of it left me scratching my head wondering how if it was going to be useful.

Fast forward two years later and while I have had a brief look at WF4, I can immediately see areas where we can use the technology. Does that mean that I think WF4 is the bees knees? I don’t know enough about it yet to really have a solid opinion, but I do think that it is finally going in the right direction.

A good introduction to WF4 can be found here.

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