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See 2024’s Things to read and watch

Org design

Coordination Models
Linking Modular Architecture to Development Teams
How to build silos and decrease collaboration on purpose - Jade Rubick Amazon’s Two Pizza Team Size
Single Threaded Owners
How Org Design and Development Separates the Top 1 percent of Product Teams - Reforge Video

Staff and Principal Engineers

Principal Engineering Community Tenets
Belonging to Amazon’s Principal Engineering Community
What is a Staff+ Engineer by Gergley Orosz Newsletter


Platform Engineering Teams Done Right…
Why your IT organization should prioritize developer experience
CNCF Platforms White Pape
The Magic of Platforms by Gregor Hohpe
Platform as a Product
Can platform engineering help you do more for less
DevOps is Bullshit
The Modernization Imperative: Shifting left is for suckers. Shift down instead

Career Development

The Trident Model of Career Development


Paul Assaiante: Life lessons from the winningest coach in college sports
Story of A - making your own ideas even better - Kent Beck
Setting engineering values
Accountability is not blame
Servant Leadership by Ken Blanchard
Stockdale Paradox by Jim Collins
Big Five Personality Assessment
Cascading vs Aligning OKRs

Software Development

Steel are a technique that will make you a better engineer
How To Get Buy-in for DevEx Initiatives: Strategies From GitHub, Notion, and More
SRE for Engineering Managers
Jade Rudiks Engineering Manager vs Tech Lead
Pat Kua - 5 Engineering Manager Archetypes


Empowerment vs Mandate Levels


Quit telling your developers they are brilliant
The Leadership Library for Engineers


DevOps culture: Westrum organizational culture


Want to build a good API - here are 5 tips for API Design

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